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Sometimes you need more than advice

Updated: May 28, 2021


Sometimes you need more than advice. My friends and family have asked me what the difference between the advice I may give them and what I do for a living as a therapist. I usually tell them my advice is always free to my friends and family. When friends and family ask for my advice, they get an informed opinion on what I feel would be in their best interest. I tell them that friends give advice, therapists do not give advice. Therapists want clients to make the best-informed choices for their situation.


Counseling is a short-term tool, and there are many types of counseling. As a school social worker, I would have 10 months each school year to help parents and children specialize in educational counseling and mental health counseling. Educating students and parents on the current best practices for pro-social skills, coping skills, and prevention skills are more valuable and meaningful than advice.

As a former school social worker, elementary parents with no experience in early childhood education appreciate educational counseling that helps them help their child see more school success. Children learn new skills and practice social skills to gain confidence in their school setting.


Psychotherapy is a tool that takes a longer process. Psychotherapy guides people to make their own decisions. Psychotherapy takes longer because clients must have insight into their emotional problems that are causing distressing problems.


Sometimes you need more than advice; you need counseling to reach that goal and psychotherapy to understand your struggles in reaching the goal. The Gwendolyn Group can help you with your counseling and psychotherapy goals. May is Mental Health Month -Be Well

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